Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a fermented beverage packed with micronutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria. It's quick to make, easily flavoured and is the perfect alternative to commercial soft drinks or juices. It's made with a naturally occurring culture known as Water Kefir Grains or Tibicos. These look like small, gelatinous crystals. The grains consume the sugar and convert it to beneficial acids, enzymes and good bacteria. If you care for them properly they will grow quickly and you will soon find you have an excess of them.

If you would like to purchase some Water Kefir grains please Contact Us, otherwise ask someone you know who ferments or even check out Gumtree.

Like any fermented food or beverage start slow and gradually increase your intake as it feels good. We generally have about a glass a day with meals. For Anjali we give her smaller amounts - about a shot glass at a time.