Coconut Milk Kefir

coconut milk kefir

Milk kefir is one of the most powerful ferments in terms of probiotics containing between 30-40 different types of beneficial bacteria and yeasts (see this article for a full list).  But unfortunately Anjali can't tolerate dairy (it gives her rashes and sends her sleep out of whack) and she gets the same effects when I have it too (through breastfeeding) so for now we're both off dairy completely.  

Fortunately you can make milk kefir with coconut milk and I've finally found an easy way to make it.  

There are two ways you can do it - with milk kefir grains or finished water kefir. They are similar in taste but the milk kefir grain version contains more probiotics. 

For a thick creamy spoonable kefir use coconut cream. I use AYAM brand - it's not organic but it's the only brand I've found that doesn't have any added thickeners.  

For a thinner milkier style kefir use coconut milk. You can use homemade coconut milk but it will be quite thin and will separate easily. 

You can use your coconut milk kefir as a base for smoothies, ice blocks, pour onto breakfasts or drink as is. 

To source milk kefir grains Contact Us (we usually have some to spare) or check out Gumtree or Ebay. 

In the past I'd heard you had to rest your milk kefir grains in cows milk between every couple of batches of coconut milk kefir to keep them alive but I've recently discovered a way to store your milk kefir grains.

The kefir grains won't grow like they do in cows milk but they will keep converting your coconut milk into kefir with the same amount of probiotics. 

Read this article for how to store your milk kefir grains in non dairy milk