Labna (Yoghurt Cheese) 2 Ways


Labna is a smooth creamy cheese that would have to be the easiest style of cheese to make at home. It's a Middle Eastern staple and is made simply from strained yoghurt so it's full of probiotics. 

Labna is super versatile and can be flavoured either sweet or savoury to suit. I've included a recipe for both varieties. The savoury is inspired from my favourite Baramabah Organics version and is flavoured with olive oil, fennel seeds and salt. You can use it as a dip, spread or dollop it on roast veggies or salads. The sweet version is flavoured with vanilla and honey and can be used as an icing on cakes or muffins, a tart filler or simply served with fruit. 

To make it you can use homemade yoghurt or store bought yoghurt. If you are using a store bought version make sure you use a plain natural pot set yoghurt that doesn't contain thickeners (otherwise the whey won't separate out from the yoghurt). Jalna is a popular brand here in Australia.