Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of fermented foods… and you’re not sure where to begin.

Or maybe you’ve tried fermenting in the past…. but it was too hard, too confusing and too much to get your head around.

Or maybe you’re kitchen is starting to resemble a science lab…. and you’re wondering how the heck you’re going to convince your family to love these new found foods as much as you do.

Whatever the case may be: if you want to fill your fridge with ferments, convert your family and learn everything from kimchi to kefir, then wash out those old mason jars and dive right in.

Who Am I?


I’m Scarlett, a certified holistic health coach, former primary school teacher and lover of all things food, fermentation and family.  

I live a simple life by the sea with my husband and two children, Anjali and Albee. My children are the reason that I'm here and are the inspiration behind Cultured Baby.   

My mission is to make fermentation simple and to give you the confidence to feed your family fermented foods.  

Over the past five years I’ve pickled, brined, brewed and baked loads of fermented foods, drinks and goodies and in the process have improved the health of myself and my family.

Now I'm here to share what I’ve learnt through recipes, tips and insights from my journey, workshops and coaching.

I have an instinctual approach to fermentation that focuses on local, seasonal produce, simple techniques and real live cultures.

I want to give you the skills and confidence you need so you can improve the health of your family with probiotic rich foods. 

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Why do I ferment? (My Story)

My journey into fermentation was inspired by my first born Anjali and started before she was born at the beginning of 2013.

A magical trip to India ended with me horribly sick and on hideous amounts of antibiotics. My gut was in all sorts of strife. With plans to start a family my health quickly became my number one priority.

I started to learn about fermented foods and the important role they play in gut health. I enrolled in a fermentation workshop and began experimenting. I was quickly hooked, feeling better than ever and my kitchen started to resemble a science lab.

A few months later my daughter was on the way. My confidence began to grow rapidly as I tried my hand at everything from sourdough to smreka to sauerkraut. What had started as an interest in gut health soon developed into a complete lifestyle.

After a dream pregnancy and my eyes set on a beautiful natural birth Anjali came into the world on September 12, 2014 via emergency c-section. Now it became even more important to continue nourishing my body with fermented foods.

Once Anjali was ready they became apart of her diet too. She was hooked with her first taste of sauerkraut juice and slowly, one thing at a time I incorporated a variety of other ferments into her daily meals. Now she's a healthy, thriving almost 4 year old who rarely gets sick. 

In October 2017 Albee came along and he too was born via emergency c-section. After learning what worked for my daughter I was confident that I could do the same things with him to give him a robust and healthy gut (read my blog post here to see what I'm doing so far).

Cultured Baby was born out of my own family’s experiences and a love to learn and share. I’m here to educate, inspire and empower you through the simplicity of fermentation.

Join me on my journey and let me show you how to make fermentation simple for you and your family.