“Traditionally we learnt the art of fermenting from our parents and grandparents. It was made and eaten in everyday life. Unfortunately handing on the art of fermenting has been lost but it's time for its come back. Fermenting is fun, joyful, yummy and incredibly nurturing for your body and an art form everyone needs to learn. Thankfully Scarlett has released this incredible book which is just so easy to read and understand. ‘Family Ferments’ will inspire you to get fermenting with confidence in no time, so you can restore the art of fermenting within your family and hand on the wonderful experience of fermenting for many generations to come.”

Kirsty Wirth - Kultured Wellness

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“This beautifully crafted ebook will demystify the art of fermenting, and give even the most novice, the confidence to enter the wonderful world of fermenting. The recipes are easy to follow, they contain great tips and tricks and best of all they are ridiculously tasty. No matter where you are on your fermentation journey, this book is a well thought out, valuable resource that you will continuously refer to.”

Jemima Jones

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“This book is the most helpful guide when it comes to gut microbiome and I believe it is a essential book for every health conscious kitchen. Too commonly our gut’s microbiome is not supporting our health as it should, Scarlett’s book is a fabulous way we can restore and maintain a healthy and flourishing microbiome that continues on to promote our overall health. I am so pleased there is a book I can now refer that takes the ’scariness’ out of fermenting.” 

Talita Sheedy - Naturopath

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“I love it! Your ease with words and your confidence in teaching really comes through. You really have made it so simple to understand and have taken the fear out of fermenting. I love the way you step through it for the reader and and address the challenges they might face straight away. It really does give you the confidence to try fermenting.”

Talitha Clark

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“I would have loved this exact book when beginning my fermenting journey. It's simple & clear & I love how it includes tips for getting the fam on board with fermenting. I think the majority of people find fermenting overwhelming but I feel like they all just need this book!”

Corinna Ilett

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"WOW.  This is one of the most informative, yet simplified, fermentation manuals that I have read.  Family Ferments will leave you excited & inspired to get in your kitchen and get started.  An absolute must-read for anyone wanting to optimise the gut health of their family!"

Nikki Brown - Grub Organics

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