Coconut Kefir


Coconut kefir is a super refreshing bubbly drink with a hint of tang. It’s got a much milder taste than kombucha and is higher in probiotics (27 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per cup).

It’s made with the Kultured Wellness Kefir Starter which is high potency and ideal for gut healing and rebuilding. These cultures have become a staple in my kitchen. I like to think of them as a quick, easy way of getting high quality therapeutic strength probiotics into my family’s diet.

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How long does it last?

The kefir will last six months in the fridge or freezer.

It’s been 48 hours and my kefir still tastes like coconut water what should I do?

Transfer to a warmer spot and keep tasting until the sweetness has gone and there is a slight tang. It may take up to a week to ferment in cooler temperatures.

My kefir isn’t fizzy is this normal?

As long as your kefir tastes fermented and not just like coconut water than this is normal. If you want to encourage more fizz ensure you use an air tight bottle to ferment or try flavouring it.

How much should I have per day?

Start slowly and gradually build up your intake until it feels good. Adults start with a quarter of a cup and build up to one to three cups per day. Kids start with one teaspoon and build up to half a cup per day.

Why do I have to start with a new starter after five batches?

These cultures are therapeutic-strength probiotics that contain only specific beneficial strains. The more you ferment them the less potent they become. Each time you do a batch, your ferment is exposed to bacteria and yeasts from the surrounding environment (in your kitchen and the air) and on your equipment (jars and utensils). Overtime these strains can compromise the diversity and strength of the culture, essentially turning it into a wild ferment without the original therapeutic value.

Where can I purchase a kefir culture?

You can purchase the Kultured Wellness Kefir Culture Starter online, through the Kultured Wellness website. You can receive 10% off with the code ‘CULTUREDBABY’.

Alternatively if you live on the Sunshine Coast, you can pick up a starter from my place in Coolum Beach. Please contact me to arrange.

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